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174.99 (215.24 inc VAT)  
1 item(s)

Sargent & Greenleaf Environmental Padlock Model 81-021

(0881 Model Series)

9/16 Padlock 1-7/8'' - VSC Keyed alike code (071)

No Keys Included (keys to be ordered separately)

The environmental padlock series is designed to protect against both physical attacks and harsh weather. It was made to withstand extreme weather for extended periods of time, and still open with the correct key when needed. With self-cleaning locking cylinders, the lock opens quickly and easily even under the toughest conditions.

322.84 (397.09 inc VAT)  
99952 item(s)

Sargent & Greenleaf Padlock Model 8077AD

Federal Specification FF-P-110J

The Model 8077AD is a combination padlock that meets Federal Specification FF-P-110J and is used in large quantities by government agencies to secure file cabinet locking bars. It is designed to resist surreptitious entry methods and show any signs of tampering. It can be set to new combinations using the included change key.

Ordering Code for E.U. : 8077-102

Ordering Code for U.S. : 8077-108

1,896.99 (2,333.30 inc VAT)  
1000 item(s)

Sargent & Greenleaf Model 951C High Security Padlock (COMMERCIAL VERSION)


The Model 951C represents the most advanced security features found in any padlock. Constructed with special barrier materials inside the body and shackle to resist cutting and sawing, the Model 951C is ideal for perimeter security and any location where the highest level of resistance to forced entry is required—making it the ultimate padlock.

Ordering code: 951-009


Model 951C: Non-restricted Medeco locking cylinder for commercial applications.