Sargent And Greenleaf FAS 6880-166
Lock 9 Lever

(78.55 inc VAT)
FAS 6880-166
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Sargent And Greenleaf FAS 6880-166

Changeable Key Lock 9 Lever Vds 2 - Class B

The Convenience of a Key

  • Lock bolt retraction and extension is controlled directly by turning the key.
  • Drilled & tapped bolt.
  • No combinations or complicated dialling directions to remember.
  • Key operated safe locks can be opened faster than combination operated locks.
  • Keys are available in various lengths to accommodate different safe door thicknesses.
  • Disabling old keys and setting the lock to new keys is accomplished without disassembling the lock, and takes less than 30 seconds without special tools or knowledge.
  • Special Features:

  • Nine opposing brass lever design (depending on the particular model) for extra security and increased resistance to picking.
  • Key retaining design ensures the safe is securely locked whenever the key is removed from the lock.
  • Same size and mounting footprint as other standard S&G locks, allowing for easy retrofit without the need for boltwork or mounting screw location changes.

  • Options:
  • Extruded aluminum guide tube makes it easy to insert the key through thick safe doors, and it helps keep dust and dirt out of the lock.
  • It requires a 5/8 inch (0.625" or 15,9 mm) hole through the safe door and an escutcheon.
  • Two different styles of key hole escutcheons to help align the key properly when inserting it into the lock. The escutcheons also make the front of the safe more attractive.
  • A normally open/normally closed switch equipped model is available to report when the lock is opened or closed, or it can be used as a safe alarm circuit shunt.
  • VdS 2 - Class B


    Product Information Sheet Sargent And Greenleaf FAS 6880 Lock (Product_Information_Sheet_Sargent_And_Greenleaf_FAS_6880_Lock.pdf, 177 Kb) [Download]

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