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Safe And Vault Opening In An Emergency


Safe And Vault Opening In An Emergency

We are trusted to provide expert emergency safe and vault opening by some of the world's leading companies as well as entities such as NATO, the US Air Force, Danish Defence Forces and the Irish Government.

We have the very highest level of expertise and knowledge when dealing with opening some of the most advanced safe, vault and data unit locking systems available.

In many cases we have the requisite level of restricted industry knowledge to aid us in opening some of the highest level of government and NATO safe and vault locking solutions.

When the worst happens, a combination of training, skill, experience and equipment are required in opening a safe, data cabinet, vault or ATM without damage that will invalidate it's certified protection.

* Drilling will always be a last resort.

With over 50 years of combined industry experience and expertise, we provide professional and confidential safe, vault and data unit opening services. Continued investment in the latest tools, equipment and training ensures we stay ahead of the latest technology and non-destructive opening methods.

We are passionate about what we do and will work quickly and efficiently to get your request resolved as soon as possible.

Safe & Vault Locks provide emergency safe opening services in most of Europe. We regularly deal with issues such as key loss, faulty mechanical time-locks, or faulty mechanical combination mechanisms.

Opening Mechanical Locks:

Most mechanical safe locks can be picked, and mechanical combination locks manipulated open by our skilled safe technicians, so when dealing with mechanical locks, opening by lock picking or manipulation is our preferred option.

Opening Anti-manipulation And Electronic Locks:

When faced with anti-manipulation technology or electronic locks, often a safe, vault or data unit must be drilled. When such an even occurs we never put your property at risk by attempting this without the correct information on drill points for the particular model of safe, vault or data unit concerned.

If we do not have this information to hand, we will usually be able to quickly obtain it from most manufacturers thanks to our very close contacts with the European safe industry, both as long standing members of European Security Systems Association and our managing director Alan Donohoe Redd's participation in European standards committees.

Thanks to the contacts and the trust we have built up within the European safe industry over many years we can usually open most safe or vaults within the restrictions of European standard EN1143-1 and repair the safe or vault to the same specifications without rendering certification void.