S&G ATM Audit Lock A-Series 6128-247 Kit (NCR)

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S&G 6128-247
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S&G ATM Audit Lock A-Series 6128-247 Kit (NCR)

  • Motor Lock - Blocking Bolt including NCR Bolt Extension installed
  • With Bolt Position Indicator (BPI)
  • Keypad - no Tamper (61KP-101)
  • Keypad Extension with DSC Port
  • NCR - 009-0025346
  • The 6128 model features a motor-driven lock bolt which offers a high level of security by eliminating the threat of vibration and bouncing attacks.
  • Up to sixteen users in Bank Mode—One programmer code, two officer codes, four administrator codes, and ten user codes.
  • Dual Control and Manager/Employee modes selectable and changeable at any time by entering a special keypad command.
  • The Field Service App is easily installed on most Android™ cell phones and tablets. Internet connectivity is not required.
  • 400-event, time and date stamped audit trail managed by easy-to-use PC-based software. To read audit trail information, you will need the optional
    audit trail software kit (part #6103-120). Time, date, and event duration information is generated and stored in the lock so that it is not susceptible to time drift.
  • Snap-in touch key reader allows fast, accurate transfer of audit trail data.
  • Penalty time feature to prevent opening by entering sequential or random codes until a valid code is found.
  • Time delay of one to ninety-nine minutes.
  • Duress capability, allowing for a distress signal to be sent through the customer’s central alarm system in the event of an

A duress module (part #6102-090) or alarm interface module (part #6102-025) is required to use this function.

  • The 6128 A-series™ Lock is made for boltwork blocking applications that do not require direct attachment of the lock bolt to the safe’s bolt work.
  • Equipped with a bolt position indicator that closes a circuit when the lock bolt is in either the locked or unlocked position.
  • Can be opened via Dallas® iButton® keys in conjunction with one time codes (OTC) when service mode is enabled.

Contact us today for information about service mode and LMS software.

  • The Field Service App is easily installed on most Android™ cell phones and tablets. Internet connectivity is not required.
  • SG Audit Software runs on Windows ® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® Server 2008, Windows ® Vista and Windows 10 operating systems.

Download, view, and manage time and date-stamped audit information captured by a 6126, 6127, 6128, or 6129 lock.

  • 6103-130—Audit trail software on CD, serial adapter with cable, and Dallas® iButton®.
  • 6103-131—Audit trail software on CD, USB adapter with cable, and Dallas® iButton®.
  • 6103-102—Key reader with USB adapter with cable only.
  • 6104-006—Extra Dallas® iButton® (red fob).
  • 6102-025—Alarm interface module for 6126, 6127, 6128, and 6129.
  • 6128-500—A-seal box with 9-volt battery.

PDF (aseries_broch.pdf, 1,721 Kb) [Download]

A Series Data (aseries_broch_j7qb-qi.pdf, 1,721 Kb) [Download]

Field Service AP (FSA) (Y630-xxx_field_service_app.pdf, 766 Kb) [Download]

Duress Module (Y630-EUR_module.pdf, 1,003 Kb) [Download]

6128 Lock Installation Manual S&G (6128_Lock_Installation_Manual_S&G.pdf, 632 Kb) [Download]

6128 and 6129 Lock Operating Instructions (6128_and_6129_Lock_Operating_Instructions.pdf, 321 Kb) [Download]