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S&G 6140-004 Electronic Door Lock

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Sargent And Greenleaf 6140-004 (Strike Type #2 Included)

Electronic Door Lock

KEYPAD NOT INCLUDED - must be ordered separately.

Order separately 61KP-101 Standard Keypad for UL applications or 61KP-201 Keypad with Tamper Indication for VDS applications.

  • Strike Type #2 Included
  • Comes with 6123 as the lock controller.
  • One million codes to choose from.
  • Programmable time
  • Penalty lockout feature shuts the lock down for five minutes of four or more incorrect codes are entered in a row to deter random code entry attempts.
  • Inside handle or turn knob allows easy exit at any time.
  • Surface mounted design allows for easy, more universal installations on both inswing and outswing doors.


  • Spy-Proof Keypad Cover (to prevent bystanders from seeing the code you enter)

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