S&G 6120-411 Bio-Metric Keypad Satin Chrome

(785.38 inc VAT)
S&G 6120-411
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Sargent And Greenleaf 6120-411

Bio-Metric Keypad Satin

  • Top-mounted fingerprint reader is easy to use.
  • Silicon-based capacitive technology provides superior security and reliability.
  • Designed for quick, easy retrofit for many existing Sargent & Greenleaf electronic ssafe locks.
  • LCD simplifies programming and operation of the most sophisticated lock features.
  • Backlight feature makes the LCD highly readable, even in total darkness.
  • Up to nine different fingerprints can be enrolled.
  • Fingerprints can be quickly and easily enrolled or deleted from the keypad's database.
  • The keypad can be set up to operate on either a fingerprint or code, or it can be set up to require both a fingerprint and valid code.
  • The Biometric Keypad can be added to any 6120, 6123, or Z02 electronic safe lock.
  • Powered by (2) 9-volt batteries that are easily accessed via a slide-out battery compartment.

Biometric Keypad QuickStart Mode Guide (Biometric_Keypad_QuickStart_Mode_Guide.pdf, 442 Kb) [Download]

Biometric Keypad Operation Sargent And Greenleaf (Biometric_Keypad_Operation_Sargent_And_Greenleaf.pdf, 3,590 Kb) [Download]

Biometric Keypad Installation Instructions S&G (Biometric_Keypad_Installation_Instructions_S&G.pdf, 438 Kb) [Download]