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S&G 1006-101 Spartan Pivot Bolt Lock

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S&G 1006-101
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The Model 1006 Spartan is our easy-to-use electronic safe lock that is ideal for home or gun safes. This two-user lock comes with a completely redesigned locking mechanism that is based on the proven security of a rugged, motorized blocking device. The Spartan lock is the perfect entry-level lock to protect your assets.

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Sargent And Greenleaf Spartan Pivot Bolt

1006-101 - Lock Only

  • Reliable, Low Cost, Secure motor actuated locking mechanism.
  • Lock bolt is retracted and extened by the movement of the safe's boltwork.
  • One million codes to choose from.
  • Field programmable (via keypad) .
  • One master code, One user code.
  • Factory programmed Management Reset Code can be changed to an MRC of your own choosing during the initial lock setup.
  • Penalty lockout feature shuts the lock down for ten minutes if five or more incorrect codes are entered in a row to deter random code entry attempts.
  • All programming is accomplished via the keypad; no special programming tools required.
  • Deadlocking, motor-blocked bolt withstands over 225 lbs. of end and side pressure.
  • Uses S&G's "Magic Module" footprint to match the mounting dimensions of most mechanical and electronic locks.
  • The Spartan PivotBolt is reversible and can be mounted RH, LH, VU, and VD with no alterations.
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