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Parts & Accessories

2.57 (3.11 inc VAT)  
1000 item(s)

Sargent And Greenleaf Safe Lock Packing Box 0000-605-110100

This S&G box it's perfect for packaging mechanical combination or electronic safe lock kits.

The box features Sargent And Greenleaf's corporate logo and colours green and white.

3.51 (4.25 inc VAT)  
100 item(s)

Sargent And Greenleaf 6120-230-011 Titan Battery Cable Assembly For Titan Or Spartan Lock

For Titan or Spartan S&G Locks.

7.94 (9.61 inc VAT)  
1000 item(s)
Sargent And Greenleaf Spindle 2004-501 for Electronic Direct Drive Lock (standard length) 8 inches / 20.32cm For S&G Titan and Spartan Direct-Drive locks.

7.94 (9.61 inc VAT)  
1000 item(s)
S&G ® USB Audit Lock DD replacement spindle (standard length) 8 inches / 20.32cm For S&G USB Audit Lock.

12.71 (15.38 inc VAT)  
100 item(s)

6215-015-009 (18") (91.4 cm) Extension Cable For Titan or Spartan Lock Series

13.86 (16.77 inc VAT)  
100 item(s)

Sargent And Greenleaf Z134 (37cm) Standard Cable For Titan Or Spartan Lock
This kit also comes with screws and accessories for the Titan keypad

19.64 (23.76 inc VAT)  
100 item(s)

A conversion kit used to adapt a Sistec safe fitted with a standard mechanical lock to be used with a Sargent And Greenleaf digital lock.

30.53 (36.94 inc VAT)  
100 item(s)

6120-057 60 CM Keypad Extension Cable

30.84 (37.32 inc VAT)  
1000 item(s)
Sargent And Greenleaf Bolt Position Indicator 2006-202 This optional accessory consists of a special single pole, double throw switch designed to fit into an existing cavity under the Titan’s removable front cover. The color-coded leads are already connected. Now your lock can trigger...

32.24 (39.01 inc VAT)  
1000 item(s)

Sargent And Greenleaf 6130-101 Spy Proof Cover For 6120 Keypad Series

6130-101 (6130-100 US Catalogue Code)

The Spy-Proof® cover makes it difficult for anyone to see which buttons are
pressed as a code is entered. It’s easily added to any standard two-battery keypad (not for
use with one-battery keypads or the Biometric Keypad). It does not interfere with keypad
removal for battery replacement. Keypad not included.

33.44 (40.46 inc VAT)  
100 item(s)
Buzzer (for CS401 LeGault Time-Delay Locks) - Assembled

37.04 (44.82 inc VAT)  
100 item(s)

Micro Switch BZ-2RW822-A2

109.00 (131.89 inc VAT)  
100 item(s)

Sistec Replacement Handle Set

136.14 (164.73 inc VAT)  
1000 item(s)

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Duress can be a life-saver. Simply adding 1 to the last digit of a working lock code can send a duress notification to a connected central monitoring station. The lock opens normally, keeping the “silent signal” a secret from the perpetrator.

Your lock can also be prevented from operating when a low-voltage signal is sent to it. The enable/disable signal can come from a remote location, or it can come from something as simple as a safe mounted key switch. Often, a disable signal is set to be removed when the building alarm panel is deactivated, reducing false alarms. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Tamper alerts can reveal “insider” attempts to compromise your safe’s security system. Door and boltwork cover switches can be monitored 24/7 by your connected central station, helping to keep your trusted employees trusted. Other lock features can be combined with these control and reporting options to deliver a secure, integrated system to meet your needs. Use the information on the other side of this sheet AND the advice of your security professional to pair the right lock with the optional module to produce a system that meets your needs.

200.80 (242.97 inc VAT)  
1 item(s)
S&G ® USB Audit Lock Keypad Replacement audit lock keypad