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A-Series™ with Display ATM Lock

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August 17, 2017 - Security Today magazine, the leading industry media brand providing technology,education and solutions for security professionals have nmaed the Sargent and Greenleaf A-Series™ with Display ATM Lock as the winner of their 2017 New Product of the Year Award for locks and safes.

The Security Today New Product of the Year Award honors the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered to be particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security. More than 100 entries were received in the ninth successful year of the independently juried contest.


A-Series with Display

Introducing A-Series with Display - the faster, easier ATM lock with enhanced security. Combining the protection, functionality, and reliability of the globally trusted A-Series Lock with an indistry-changing 30-character display screen, A-Series with Display delivers signigicant new features to improve speed and accuracy.


  • 30-character display screen featuring text, icons, images
  • 1,000 time and date stamped events from multiple locks
  • Fast download to USB flash drive
  • View, print or email audit trails - no need to mail keys
  • Optional One-Time Code app



  • A-Seal code generated automatically when lock is closed.
  • Bolt position indicator monitors the locked or unlocked bolt position.
  • Duress capability via optional duress module.
  • Penalty lockout after five failed attempts.
  • One-time code via phone dispatch or optional mobile app.


Ease & Support

  • Intuitive 30-character display screen including audio and visual feedback.
  • No vendor meets.
  • Standard S & G Magic Module footprint.
  • Universally handed.
  • 10 minute average installation time.
  • 24/7 technical support.



Three modes of operation:

  • Bank Mode: No key required; up to 30 users; 99 min time delay; Dual and Single control access options.
  • Service Mode: PIN, touch key, and one-time-code required to open.
  • Bank + Service Mode: Utilize both modes simultaneously.


Audit trail

  • Fast, accurate USB download: 1,000 event, time- and date-stamped audit trail with multiple locks accessed through one device. Email audit trail without additional software.
  • Traditional iButton download: 400 event, time- and date-stamped audit trail with one device per lock.
  • Intuitive, multi-language software with optional custom translator.
  • Simple navigation and user-friendly functionality independent of language or experience.



  • Extra-large 30-character screen with icons, images, and text.
  • Interface includes indicator lights and audio feedback.



  • Two year limited warranty from date of shipment from the manufacturer.



  • VdS Class 2 , CEN B